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Lemstone Ceramic is a new bechmark entering in ceramic industry with innovaive ideas and creative efforts, ethical values with reliability, with our commitment and passion for uniqueness.

The pioneering production technology and entensive researches allow us to understand better and respond to the behaviors and the culture of the consumers in each locality of the world. Thorough Experience and innovation capability, creativity and design, traditon and culture, a passion for ceramics and enviornmental awareness are the fortes of Lemstone Ceramic which have been defining living spaces, combining aesthetics and top quality materials.

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Modern colors & texture are of a new space that goes beyond the concept of tile collection.

Superior technology , rigorous R&D , design and quality , Metro has set its sight on all these factors, adopting new production techniques in order to enhance the quality of its products.

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Tile flooring designs evolve over time, and so we keep pace with such changes. Our products create stylized spaces and designs that redefine grandeur and a sense of elegance that is second to none. Our collection of tiles not only matches customer requirements, but also come with an assurance of superior quality. These days, the growing need for newer styles and aesthetics has led Metro Group to innovate latest designs that trending the consumer market.

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We are thrilled to present our comprehensive range of high-quality tiles and paving solutions designed to elevate spaces around the world. Our export team provide you with all the essential information and support necessary to make your international transactions seamless .

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